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Texas Holdem Poker table hire

One of the most popular casino game bar none in the world today is Texas Holdem poker. It is a variation of the normal version of poker that has been modified to make it simple to learn to play and a lot of fun.

Each player is dealt two cards, a round of betting then takes place, players may bet, raise another bet or fold (drop out). Three cards are then dealt to the centre of the table face up, this is called the flop and after this another round of betting takes place. Two further cards are then dealt these are called the turn card and the river card, after each another round of betting takes place.

Once all bets are finished the player with the best poker hand made from their own 2 cards plus 3 of the 5 community cards is the winner!


Texas Holdem Tournaments and poker nights

Texas Holdem poker nights are very social and great fun. We provide high quality full size tables suitable for 10 players per table. If you wanted to run a tournament we can offer up to 4 matching tables finished in red with black padded surrounds. Finesse Casinos also provide an experience croupier to run each table for up to 3 hours, this will ensure the games run smoothly and professionally. Our croupiers are also only to pleased to help new players get started and can explain any aspect as required.

Texas Holdem Stag nights

Hiring a Texas Holdem poker table to get your stag night kicked off makes for a brilliant way to get your night of fun started. We provide the tables and experienced croupiers that will absolutely make your night. This is not just for hardened Texas Holdem players, anyone can play and our croupiers are on hand to help.

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