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Poker Table Hire

One of the most popular casino hire services that we provide is Poker table hire. Our Poker tables are full size professional style tables, semi-circular and around 6ft long x 3ft wide. The Croupier stands behind the table along the straight back edge while players stand or sit on stools, around the semi-circular side. Our tables are finished in a classic red cloth, complimented with a padded black surround. All our casinos tables come with their own solid mahogany legs so are free standing, unlike some companies that will only supply table tops. poker table hire Having a Poker table and Croupier table at an event, wedding or birthday is a great way to add a new dimension to the party. The poker table is sleek, extremely well made and takes us little room. Unlike a Roulette table, the poker table will fit in almost any decent sized room and looks great! 

Stud poker hire

A Brief History of Poker

The history of poker is open to debate, the game is said to have possibly descended from a number of other games including, the English game brag, the French game Brelan, and the Persian game of As Nas. It’s possible that Persian sailors taught it to New Orleans settlers and was spread on the Mississippi riverboats where gambling was common. During the gold rush it spread along the Mississippi and at some point after 1829 where it featured 20 cards, it took on the full English 52 card deck we see today, as well as seeing the flush introduced. The game is said to have been further spread across American and other parts of the world by the US military.

Texas Holdem Poker

As well as the fun casino poker, we also offer Texas Holdem Poker tables for hire. These tables are full size with space for 8-10 players to sit around the table and enjoy one of the most popular games in the world currently.

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If you’re considering hiring a poker table for your next soiree then contact us, we will try to come up with the perfect solution for your requirements.

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