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Roulette Table Hire

Finesse Roulette TableRoulette is the most popular table for fun casino events, the tables are large and allow a good number of players to play simultaneously. For all of our casino hire packaged a Roulette table and croupier come as standard. We use full size 8ft x 4ft tables with large professional roulette wheels. Our Roulette tables are finished in classic red cloth, complimented with a padded black surround so you can be assured you are going to receive a piece of stylish casino furnitur that not only plays the part, but looks the part as well. All of our Roulette tables come with mahogany legs and are free standing, so the set-up is easy and the only requirement we have are the right amount of space.

Roulette Wheel hire

Our Roulette wheels are available for hire along with a full size table for all types of functions, most popularly weddings, corporate events and christmas parties as well as TV and film shoots, product launches, or trade shows, call us now on 0844 257 1234!

What is Roulette?

Roulette was first devised in France during the 18th century, the wheel came from a combination of the English wheel based games Roly-Poly, Ace of Hearts and E&O, as well as the Italian games Biribi and Hoca. Its thought the modern style game was first played in Paris, France, and exported to America in the early 1800’s where the 0 was added to the wheel to improve the house advantage, soon after the game began to spread across the US and Europe, and is probably most famous for it glamorous association with the casinos of Monte Carlo.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or would like to talk to us about hiring a Roulette table then please you the handy contact form below and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. [contact-form 2 “Page”]


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